Restore files in SharePoint and Teams

Restore files in SharePoint and Teams

Office 365 is all about enabling your users to do more things and create less tickets for your support teams and IT administrators. This feature is really great for all users that are Site Collection administrators: Restore files. It’s for a typical scenario that every admin went through multiple times in their carrers.
A user deleted a file and needs a restore, which usually means:

  • Create a ticket

  • Have admins or supporters work that

  • Waste time of a couple of people

Follow these steps to restore files by yourself without being a SharePoint Online admin.

Here are some files in a library.


For this example I will delete on of the files.


The file is gone now.


Now click on the gear icon and select “Restore this library”.


You get to a new screen and select a date. In this example I simply clicked on “Yesterday”.


You will see a couple of actions that you did. In this example I added, uploaded and deleted some files.


Select the action you want to undo.

Agree to the restore.

You will see a new screen stating that a file is being restored.

While the item is being restored, you will see this new entry in the bar. It’s placed where usually the “Upload” or “Delete” is displayed.


You can click on that to see some information in the sidebar.


This is a really important feature to empower your users. It is especially helpful for Teams, where usually only users act as owners and members and can basically do whatever they want. With this method, team owners can restore files by them self.

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