It's been a long journey

Yesterday I decided to move my blog to Squarespace. During that process I had to click through all of my posts and had to fix some issues. I didn’t fix them all, just some that were bothering me.

I’ve been posting in my blog for over 8 years now. That also means, that I wrote about SharePoint and Microsoft for 8 years.

Come to think of it, I’m in my job for 12 years now. Reading through some of my old posts was crazy. The problems SharePoint had back then vs. compared to now. The way I had to use JavaScript and PowerShell to get simple things to work.

When I started with this blog 8 years ago, a lot of things looked like magic, PowerShell in SharePoint was somewhat new. SharePoint 2007 was still active and a catastrophe with its wild, wild west mentality. SharePoint 2010 was introduced to some brave companies, completely changing the service app model.

Oh, and a little thing called BPOS happend. You know it as Office 365 today.

Maybe some of you remember this slide from a couple of years ago:

We came a long way.

There is more to come. I’ll try to focus more on teaching people, to get people to love SharePoint like I do. To get people excited about new technologies and for the cloud.

It’s been a long journey. And we still have a long way to go.

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